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Create your factions in any Age or play a campaign through them all advancing from one age to the next. The Next Age in Tabletop Wargaming brings your three ages of gameplay with one Core Rulebook for all ages. The Genesys Project Core Rules The Birth of Genesys- 1st Age: Fantasy Medieval The Revelations of Genesys- 2nd Age: Modern Apocalyptic The Exodus of Genesys- 3rd Age: Far Distant Future Order now to get Kickstarter pricing through Backerkit Learn More at

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The Genesys Project Updates- The End Game, Reptilia, and More
over 3 years ago – Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 12:11:10 PM

We are 5 days in and doing quite well and close to being funded. In making that push we are in the latest Kickstarter weekly Bulletin under Miniature Games on page 18, and are working to get notice on many other sites to spread the word.

It's time for a call to action to help push us over the funding level so that we can start working towards our stretch goals. Spread the word and excitement for both new ages of the game.

Have a site that is sharing our Kickstarter Event? Let us know! 

Kickstarter Bulletin

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Faction of Robots vs a Humanoid faction.

I also want to make note that we are working on a game demo video that we planned on releasing yesterday, but due to some file inconsistencies (and a large flood here at the office) that video will come later this week. The game was completed on Sunday and whoa was it a close one. Nothing like coming down to the last die rolls of the 6th round! We wont spoil it for you.... but attempts were made to continue the game into what we call the End Game- Round 7.

The End Game

In the Genesys Project when it comes to close games, either player can extend a game past the 6 normal game rounds by rolling your highest command still alive on the table + die roll to equal to equal or beat Game Round you want to extend the game into.

Command + d6  Game Round you want to push the game into.

Failing means the game ends


We also want to jump in and share the excitement that is the Reptilia and for the 2nd Age found within the Revelations of Genesys.

The Reptilia in the 2nd Age gain new classes that includes a Gargantuan Level 6 Class that includes a new size category to create some of the biggest monstrosities of the game. Massive Dragons, Kaiju, and other creatures of legend become available with new traits and class options.

Proto-Reptilia are Classes Levels 1-3 that take the ancient Devolutionary Branches further from the primary Lineages of the Reptilia with a solid blend of Monster and Reptilia traits.

Reptilia now have Ancient Bloodlines increasing the strength and power of the bloodlines of the previous age within the domain, and Ancestral Traits which were once restricted to levels 4+ are now accessible to Levels 3+.

Reptilia have a very unique Domain which can expand their access of Humanoid, Fey, Insekt and Monster options depending upon your Lineage, even allowing some to expand to taking another Domain's Classes as their own. This gives you a lot of flexibility on which direction your faction is going in the 2nd Age.

Want to play a more humanoid style Reptilia faction with vehicles and weapons? a more monster oriented faction? one delving into the powers of the Fey, or even becoming an Insekt Hybrid style faction. The Lineages of the Reptilia will take you into new directions and offer a wide variety of factions all within one Domain.

Next we will jump ahead into the Biests who have their own unique outlook on weapon development and uses for monsters.

Are You a God? A Look at the Humanoids and Fey in the 2nd Age
over 3 years ago – Sat, Nov 14, 2020 at 06:49:30 PM

Are You a God? A Look at the Humanoids and Fey in the 2nd Age

I thought it was time to delve into the 2nd Age of The Genesys Project to get an idea of what lies in front of you for that age broken down by the domains. All the domains will be getting new classes, new traits, and new options dedicated to the Modern/ Apocalyptic  Age. Later we can delve into more specifics of each.

Join us for the Revelations and Exodus of Genesys Kickstarter event going on now. Learn more here

There are 5 Domains of Life; Humanoid, Fey, Reptilia, Biest, and Insekt.

Lets start off with Humanoids and the Fey for the 2nd Age, The Revelations of Genesys

If you are new to the game, please see the domain graphics on the campaign to get a base for what these two domains include.

The Second Age of The Genesys Project is one of moving extremes and constant war. Where it was common to have Factions with traits from Mixed Domains, the wars of this age driven each domain to advance to in new directions pulling the Domains further apart from each other. New classes are available for all the Domains of Life and old traits often given something new as we progress into the 2nd Age.

The Humanoids:

     Political upheaval and conflict drive the Humanoids in the 2nd Age to war with new weapons of war and and vehicles. This is a time of technological advancements with modern firearms, advancements in new personal armor, and tanks that can stride openly onto the battlefield.

     Leader Classes now carry with them political influence to gain access new bonuses that you will be given access to for no additional point costs. This gives you faction-wide bonuses and new battleplans for the game!

     New Weapons include assault rifles, machine guns, cannons, and a whole new slew of weaponry that can be customized to take on the biggest bad guys on the table. While ranged weapons often feel like the biggest part of the Humanoids advancement to the 2nd Age, they also get access to Martial Weapons to get additional bonuses in melee combat.

     A wide variety of vehicle classes are available that include standard vehicles classes, but also Military Vehicle classes. These range in Levels but offer everything from armored cars, mad max armored trucks, to military vehicles and tanks.

     Humanoids do not gain much in the way of Magic. In fact its a little harder and more expensive to create a faction that uses powers within the Humanoids for this age. Of course the Occult still can be found within humanoids, and anything you bring with you to from the 1st Age. When it comes to religious types magic, the pragmatism of the Humanoid have led them away from revealed powers to Religious Conviction from leaders to gain bonuses on the tabletop.

     Of course there is also a new Tier in the Humanoids branches, ever pushing the boundaries of morality right up towards and into the Apocalypse. These push the envelope on humanoid advancements into things like cybernetics, robotics, and more but cost additional Progression Levels to take.

The Fey:

     Steeped in magic and energy from beyond reality much technology of the Humanoids are not gained by the Fey. Instead their powers grow, new Spheres appear, and Avatars of the Gods are Created. The heavens beyond reality have fallen into conflict and the Paragons of the Fey strive to achieve unprecedented powers to achieve nothing short of becoming a god.

     New Spheres of Influence have appeared in the path of Light and Darkness. Righteousness and Hatred being the most obvious of these two. These two spheres take zealotry to a new level. Those on the side of Righteousness can easily fall into Hatred allowing models with these spheres to take traits out of both! Of course doing so can lead you astray from your Path blurring the lines of Light and Dark.

     Technology Appears in new ways among the Fey. This is technology focused and powered by the energy of the fey (their own personal energy). Weapons of Light and Darkness (and later of each sphere) appear in the forms of Particle Lance Weapons and Constructs.

     The conflicts of the Fey take it to the next level as they fight each other in this age gaining themselves new bonuses from the battles over each other, even gaining additional powers and traits. 

The Paragons themselves now step up with the ability to create or shape an existing Sphere of Influence. Here they can forge their own reality within their realms to create a new Sphere unique to them and your faction.

     Last that we will discuss here are the Avatars, a new Level 4 Class that focuses in on one aspect of your paragon gaining all their traits and abilities from that sphere to exert the presence of their Paragon in more places. Avatars are powerful vessels that can be fielded autonomously or can even be possessed by the spirit of your Paragon. Interestingly enough you can even field your Paragon in battle AND still posses one or more avatars in battle. 

     That's it for now. We will talk again soon about the other domains and ages that are part of this release. Just because I know you Reptilia players will be asking for more info and can't wait...... You get a new Level 6 Gargantuan Class that even has its own new size category! and shhhh  dont tell anyone but there is also a Level 7 in the 3rd Age!

Keep spreading the word. We have a ways to go yet but are making some excellent progress.

Great first 24 hours. Thank you for joining us!
over 3 years ago – Fri, Nov 13, 2020 at 12:57:42 PM

I want to thank everyone for joining in on the first 24 hours of the campaign. We are well on our way to reach our funding goals and I'm very excited to see us moving forward towards them. I wanted to chime in and talk a little about some of the things we are getting ready to share and do for the campaign as we move forward. 


Looking at the stretch goals, know that we will be adding some additional ones for anyone that has a pledge level that includes a book, and some others yet to be revealed for all levels of the pledges as the campaign grows. So there is more to look forward to on how these will play out.


We will be doing something for Black Friday. Stay tuned, we are keeping it a surprise for now.


During the Campaign we will be jumping into all sorts of topics from game play to faction building in both ages as the campaign continues. One of the first topics of course will be what each age is all about and what makes them different from the other ages.


This weekend we will be doing a demo game here and putting together a video for it to show gameplay. Some of it will be raw video to show the game as it plays, and some will be tutorial to understand what we are doing in the game. I expect that we will have it ready Monday. 

Covid Restrictions

With Covid we know that many of you are under lockdowns, or might even be in the near future. We want you to all stay safe and here in the studio we have been working hard to reduce exposure. I know many of you expected this campaign to start in July, but lockdowns + local forest fires being what are just slowed us down a little. We are well on our way though now, and cant wait to get the rules into your hands.

I'm certain I've missed several things that were on my list to talk about today. The most important though is to say Thank You to all of you jumping in to pledge and show your support for the game. I know it will be an exciting expansion for those of you that were supported us before with the Birth of Genesys the 1st Age, and for everyone here for the first time, a whole new world of gaming.