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Create your factions in any Age or play a campaign through them all advancing from one age to the next. The Next Age in Tabletop Wargaming brings your three ages of gameplay with one Core Rulebook for all ages. The Genesys Project Core Rules The Birth of Genesys- 1st Age: Fantasy Medieval The Revelations of Genesys- 2nd Age: Modern Apocalyptic The Exodus of Genesys- 3rd Age: Far Distant Future Order now to get Kickstarter pricing through Backerkit Learn More at

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Update on Where we are
6 months ago – Mon, Aug 21, 2023 at 06:33:32 AM

I know we have been absent here on Kickstarter providing updates, so I apologize for that. We are still moving forward and are currently testing and updating. So lets take a look at some of what is coming. 

We are currently wrapping up the next edition of The Genesys Project. What is this?

This is an update to the rules blending what changes and updates to the game from comments and discoveries from back to the first release up to what was planned for the near future. The 2nd Edition updates everything from the Core Rules, Birth of Genesys, Revelations, and goes forward with releasing Exodus.  

What this means for backers is that the updated books will get released and published for you. There will be no new Kickstarter launch of the books.  All other releases are on hold until backers get Revelations and Exodus. We are currently working on the release date and will have it available soon. We are looking for a reliable new printer as well for the books and the logistics of bringing the printer closer to where we are for quicker and more efficient shipping to avoid the problems we have experienced in the past there. These are what we are looking for so that we can provide a date. 

If our website is down, which is not currently, we are doing an overhaul and preparing for the next edition of the game to be launched and teased over there. So please take a look over there in the coming week where new members of the team are working. This is where we will be focusing our updates and showing more details and what to expect with the new edition. 

Releases and Updates
over 1 year ago – Tue, Sep 20, 2022 at 04:31:18 PM

This Fall is already moving here at Genesys Games and we are looking at quite a bit action. Here is what to expect over the next couple months.

The Exodus of Genesys

We are wrapping up the 3rd Edition book and plan on having the digital version in your hands in the next few months around years end. This comes along with a major update to already released books and makes certain that all the books will be on par at the same level for the release. The digital release of the 3rd Age will be a precourser check for backers and preorders to prepare for the physical books that will be printed and shipped out to both backers and to fill preorders.

Revelations of Genesys

The 2nd Age is getting a full update as well. We will releasing what this means over the next few months, but it will progress as well alongside the Exodus of Genesys with the fully printed books being ready to go alongside the Exodus of Genesys.

The Birth of Genesys and Core Rules v1.5

Both of these books are getting updated! What this means for you is that both of these books will be updated, printed, and shipped out alongside Exodus and Revelations. 

Backers of the Genesys Project

It is important to us that all 4 books work well together and with it being a good couple years since the first release we only saw two options, a big faq update for existing books or an new edition release to make certain all of the game works seemlessly together. So we have been working on both.... A faq for players that have both books already and an updated and printed version 1.5 for the Core Rules and 1st Age book. 

For backers this means that if you are a current Kickstarter member of Revelations and Exodus, you will be receiving all 4 books. We have done this simply because the game is asking for an update and instead of working towards a new edition, we many months ago began testing and pushing into what we felt were missing or needed revising for the current edition of the game and what was important for the 2nd and 3rd Age to launch with success.

So both the 2nd and 3rd Age are coming soon, and the previous released books are getting updates. We will be going into more details soon along with examples of what will be included. So stay tuned for more information. 

The Apocalypse 2nd Age Expansion is distributed
over 2 years ago – Thu, Oct 28, 2021 at 11:23:52 PM

The Apocalypse Expansion 2nd Age is out for digital distribution. 

The Apocalypse Expansion to Revelations is a companion to Revelations the 2nd Age. In the 2nd Age in Revelations, the Domains focus more inwards with less access to other Domains. The Apocalypse turns that on its head with new ways to access Branches in other Domains, Create Monsters or Vehicles as classes, and a faster way to progress your faction into the 2nd Age. Progress though comes at your own peril, but as always in The Genesys Project, you are in charge of your fate with options to avoid the Apocalypse even through the use of Diplomacy, and carefully selecting your progress and the close watching of your advancement on the Doomsday Clock.

Remember that we do Dev Sessions on Discord every two weeks and the next one is tomorrow at 9am PST October 29th.  The topic of tomorrows conversation is Revelations of Genesys the 2nd Age with a QnA and talk about the Apocalypse. 

You can join us on Discord

and on our forums at

Update on the Revelations of Genesys 2nd Age Digital Release
over 2 years ago – Sun, Oct 17, 2021 at 08:04:07 PM

We were trying to distribute the digital books for the Revelations of Genesys the 2nd Age today but ran into a slight problem. It should be resolved here shortly and the digital release will be sent out asap. The problem was a miscommunication and oversight. Its been corrected, so I am hoping distribution will be back on track for today. Look for another Kickstarter update here for the release or check in with us over Discord. 

Here are some preview images to tide you over for the next few hours.

Revelations Update.
over 2 years ago – Mon, Oct 04, 2021 at 05:13:21 AM

It has been a little bit since we last updated, but we are about ready to release the 2nd Age, The Revelations of Genesys to backers in digital formats. We are doing this to get the game out to you, as we are working through our delays in getting the 3rd Age wrapped up. 

So what does this mean. 

  • For the Core Rule and 1st Age, if you have not received them digitally, as we have updated them and sent them out to many backers. If you don't have yours, please message me here on Kickstarter or you can email me [email protected]
  • The Revelations of Genesys The 2nd Age is right around the corner and we want to get the digital books out. As we close on this, I expect they will be to you by the 15th of October. Most likely a little bit sooner, as the plan is to start sending these out early next week. So again if you don't receive them by that date, please message me here on Kickstarter, or an email directly to [email protected]
  • The Exodus of Genesys The 3rd Age is delayed and we are pushing to get it ready by the years end. So expect more on this soon. 
  • Hardcover Books: We will be going to print as soon as we both books complete. 

Supplemental digital books as in Faction Packs, Campaigns, Age Expansion books will come out as they are wrapped up for each age. 

You guys are have been fantastic and we appreciate the patience as we work through the delays. We are eager to get products out to you. In the meantime I want to invite you to check out the forums on and head over to our Discord Channel.

Discord Invite:

 We are doing developer chats every two weeks with the next one scheduled for October 15th at 9am PST. Can't make that time? No worries, we have everything in the notes and you can submit questions a week ahead of time on the Genesys Games forums. On Discord there are channels to play games online, playtest rules for feedback, and people there to talk game.