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Create your factions in any Age or play a campaign through them all advancing from one age to the next. The Next Age in Tabletop Wargaming brings your three ages of gameplay with one Core Rulebook for all ages. The Genesys Project Core Rules The Birth of Genesys- 1st Age: Fantasy Medieval The Revelations of Genesys- 2nd Age: Modern Apocalyptic The Exodus of Genesys- 3rd Age: Far Distant Future Order now to get Kickstarter pricing through Backerkit Learn More at

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Gameplay Mechanics for The Genesys Project
about 3 years ago – Sat, Dec 05, 2020 at 02:45:06 PM

While learning a new tabletop game can be difficult the first time in, I wanted to jump in and show just how The Genesys Project handles game play mechanic! While many of you know this already there are enough new people here (or those of us still under lockdown hoping to play someday).

Lets jump right in.


The consists of 6 Game Rounds with an optional End Game element that can take the game into Rounds 7-10. In the event a game is close or your mission just needs another round you may can select any model still alive on the board to push the game using it's Command Characteristic (which is normally around 2-4 depending but could be higher) and roll a die adding to the Command of the model. If the result is equal or higher than the game round you want to take the game into, the game continues.

Yea, if the game is tight killing commanders is important. With tons of games played during the years playtesting we had only a single game reach Round 10. By then very little was left alive and they were fast and furious rounds of scrambling for our mission goals. Most often games are decided in 6, but Round 7 does occur.


Players alternate Player Turns during each round activating a number of squads equal to their Command Value (which is based on that Command Characteristic). This continues back and forth until each player has activated all the squads on the table.


Each squad may be activated once during a game round and consists of a Movement and an Action.

Movement is based upon your Movement Characteristic and all Characteristics are based on a 1-6, (mostly 2-4) with 3 being the most common Movement starting characteristic. You may move up to x3 movement but may also use your action to get another base movement out of your activation.

Actions most of the time involve Combat or other important activities. You may only have a single Action during your game round, and if you use it and are then later attacked you are considered exhausted. So only spend them when needed.

Reactionary Activations: You may once per opponents player activation do a reactionary activation. This interrupts gameplay, takes up one of your upcoming player turn activations and lowers your characteristic by 1. So if you were shooting at someone with a reactionary activation your Ranged Characteristic would be lowered by 1

Who Goes First in the Following Game Round? If you finish all your activations before your opponent you have the iniatitive for the next game round and go first! Your opponent can challenge that, but unless they are good at challenging or things are desperate the penalty for failure is a loss of Command Value for the Game Round.

Note that if you are loosing squads quickly to your opponent...... there is an excellent chance you will be going first next game round and can possibly change the course of the battle!


There are two types of Combat, Ranged and Melee which both work in the mostly the same manner except that in melee your opponent can choose to activate and fight back!

To hit someone in combat your roll a die and add your Martial or Ranged characteristic to it. If that number hits your opponents Target Number you hit them and they must save against it!

So if I had a Ranged Skill of 3 and roll a 5 on a die the total is 8. If my target has a Ranged Target Number of 7 I hit!

Now my target gets to save against the attack. My opponent rolls a d6 and must equal the total number I rolled when I hit them with my attack.

So in the above example my total was a 7. If my target has a Toughness of 4 he must roll to equal or beat that number (7) or take a wound.

If the number is too high that I cannot save on a d6 then the hit is a critical! Critical hits do additional damage and there is no save!


In The Genesys Project all your situational modifiers are front loaded into what we call The Combat Situation. Before you roll to hit someone in combat both you and your opponent must combine any enhancements you have and compare them to each other to see which side has the advantage.

For example

  • My ranged attackers are sitting on high ground and are stationary giving me a total of +2 Enhancements.
  • My opponent who is moving quickly but is otherwise in the open has a +1 Enhancement for movement.
  • This would give me a +1 advantage and that +1 is added to my die rolls to hit.

If my opponent had the advantage his bonuses would apply to his save against the hit!

Combat Situations are intuitive and come from the battlefield around you or from special traits and abilities. Here is an image on the possible Enhancements you can get from the Combat Situation.

Some special notes on these. While each bonus is generally 1, they can be higher than that. For example moving really fast may give you a +2 movement bonus. Soft Cover grants a +1 while hard cover a +2 Defensive bonus. These become very intuitive after doing them for a couple rounds of gameplay and are quickly calculated.

Charging into melee combat. You maintain your movement bonus through to your next activation. This means that if you are charging across the battlefield you maintain your charging bonus, even if its your opponents player turn and they charge into you! Both sides charging into each other for melee combat!

I hope that gives you a quick rundown of gameplay.

One Week Left! Vehicles and Equipment of the 3rd Age
about 3 years ago – Sat, Dec 05, 2020 at 02:18:23 PM

There is just one week left for The Revelations and Exodus Kickstarter Event. We are approaching stretch goals and cannot wait to share with you what we have in store for your gaming experience!

 If you are getting this through email, please join us here:



There is nothing like the equipment and vehicle in Exodus the Third Age. I wanted to touch briefly on this for many of you that do not follow us on Facebook and then add some additional things for those that do.

Behind everything in here there are options and customization that can be added to gear and vehicles and that includes Living Constructs and Bio-Armor. This means that while in many games you see different types of Powered Armor and Exoskeleton Suits that might have options for you, but in The Genesys Project you get to create and customize your own to make it your own.

What is the difference between Bio-Armor and other Armors? Instead of upgrades Living Armor and Constructs can gain traits. This provides you with an amazing number of options you can use, and to possible to evolve them!

Body Armor and Powered Armor. While there are a great range of Armors in the 3rd Age, powered armor is where its at especially for humanoids. Powered Armor gives you an amazing range of possibilities from flight packs, AI Multi-Targeting Systems, Enhanced Communication and Optic Overlays, and so much more. If you ever wondered what kind of systems you would love to see in powered armor, this is your chance. There are different sizes as well from Light Recon suits, to the Heavy Tactical Armor for front line fighting. Its all there.

Battlesuits and Mechs! Take your fighting to the next level with Walkers. Battlesuits are essentially smaller single piloted mechs that are on par with Heavy Tactical Armor (and light vehicles for that matter), but are Mechs with a plethora of Mech upgrades options. Not to mention you take damage as a vehicle instead of wounds when wearing armor.

Mechs are a massive powerhouse on the tabletop. A little expensive, but especially with Cybernetics Enhancements your Pilots handling multiple core systems, your pilots will be amazing on the field! Dual Armature Weapons, Melee Attachments, or even just Neuro-Mechanical Arms to equip a variety of weapons is possible.

Vehicles are also a mainstay of your armies in the 3rd Age, with Anti-Grav Fields, Electro-Armor Plating, and enough options to field and upgrade your 3rd Age Tanks. So whether you are slugging across the ground in more traditional Tanks and APCs, Hovering, or Flying above the battlefield vehicles will allow you to put just about anything in your imagination on the tabletop. 

Just a fun side note...... One of our playtesters put together a Biest Pirate List that focuses on large fast moving vehicles meant to ram enemy tanks and trample infantry positions. The biests inside then jump out to hack and slash everyone. Imagine a heavily plate armored Semi-Truck loaded with pintle mounted machine guns and howling biest warriors. Knowing him, I will be on the brunt end of his first person to person battle with the faction. (we are on lock down right now). 

We will be sharing some of these and other builds as time goes by.

Approaching our First Stretch Goal + 3rd Age Fey Preview
about 3 years ago – Thu, Dec 03, 2020 at 10:30:04 PM

First Stretch Goal is only a short bit away and I wanted to share with you some of the exciting things we will be seeing in Exodus of Genesys The 3rd Age.

Spread the word and lets hit those goals.

As you would expect in a game like this new weapon types, energy weapons, mech walkers, new vehicles and so much more are coming to the 3rd Age. This is but the tip of the Iceberg as many of you with the First Age in hand. 

I am going to skip ahead a little and jump right into a Fey preview, and a couple of the new Spheres found in Exodus. 

Wars from the previous age have weighed heavily upon the Fey, often blurring the lines of their chosen path and opening up Congruent Spheres. These Spheres of Influence allow classes and/or factions  to literally change their Path during from games using progression. This does not mean they lose previous traits but instead become part of their new path opening up new trait options for them.

Here is an example of new three new Spheres of Influence.

  • Absolution (Light)
  • Vengeance (Twilight)
  • Retribution (Darkness)

Having a trait in any of these three spheres gives you the option to take traits from the other two.

Preview- Trait from the Sphere of Absolution

Martyrdom X: If any model or models with the ability Martyrdom are removed from the table after being killed, during your next player turn gain X Command Value. If a model killed is a Level 3 class or higher, you may also apply Martyrdom X to Challenging the Initiative in the next game round.

Particle Lances

Technology also appears in new ways among the Fey. This technology is focused and powered by the energy of the fey. Particle Lances of various types and shapes form the weapons of the Fey dependent upon the Sphere of Influence they are most focused in. There are Particle Lances of Destruction, Pain, Protection, Justice, and more.


Many Fey as a result of the wars in Revelations no exist in the material world. They are the Outcasts. This gives them unique access to new traits abilities found in other domains. In this way you can get access to Classes from other Domains even taking new Vehicle or Monster Classes.

 We will be talking about the other Domains in the 3rd Age over the next few days. 

We are Funded and are off to the races!
about 3 years ago – Mon, Nov 30, 2020 at 08:04:27 PM

We are now funded! A huge thank you to everyone supporting us this far in!

We are half way through the campaign and now the real fun starts! We are going to be revealing some additional stretch goals which will be a ton of fun. Im certain everyone likes getting additional content, so that is where we will start! Stretch goals will include some for everyone, Epoch, Eternity, and Infinite Pledge Levels.

Expect to hear more from us shortly! 

Very Close to Funding and a Brief Game Demo Video! Biest Preview in the 2nd Age
over 3 years ago – Thu, Nov 26, 2020 at 08:58:17 AM

Heavy Transports Carrying Multiple squads

We are getting close to funding being around 10% to go! Help spread the word and look forward to us jumping through to the stretch goals! I know with just a little bit of a push we will be breaking the mark needed to reach our goals.

We are currently doing rounds of Podcasts to spread the word and will be talking more on those (with links) as some of them go live. 

Sniper Rifle Teams are quite deadly


We have a new gameplay demo that just went live on our Youtube page. There were some camera issues and it does get a little fuzzy, but it will give you a good idea of how to work with with player turns, activations, the Combat Situation, Reactionary Activations, and more. Both of these armies are the same we used recently in a playtesting session to work with Tanks, APC Transports, Cannons, and Automatic Weapons. So there was not a lot of melee squads, powers, flyers, or other types of factions in this mix.

The final rounds of the game, (not shown in the video) were a single elite melee robot fighting through two squads of of men and tearing them to shreds. The Robotic Army did eventually win this game in the Game Round 7 (an End Game push to secure his primary objective)).

The End Game: A normal game lasts to 6 Game Rounds. However if you are in position to get your objective and just thinking I need one more round and I could get it, you may attempt to take the game into the "End Game". You must roll your highest surviving Command Characteristic + d6 to equal or beat the game round you are wishing to go into. 

In this case it was a Command of 3 +d6 ≥ 7 (the Game Round)


The biests are divided into Kingdoms and have Regional Traits. These are expanded upon in the 2nd Age, but where the Biests excel at is in the wide variety of options they have in future ages. 

Physically Superior

As they are in the 1st Age, no one gets physical characteristic increases the way Biests do.  This translates to level 2 and 3 Classes being very tough to deal with. While they are geared towards taking hits and delivering them in melee combat, they are also amazing infiltrators, with flyers and tunnellers all in the mix. 

Biest Vehicles

Biests get a solid array of vehicles and introduce some new specialties into the mix when it comes to throwing some armored plates, spikes, a battering ram, and even loading their vehicles out with as many weapons as possible. Biests bring a new flavor to their own Vehicle Classes, but have a lack of Military Tanks. If you like ramming into your opponent, jumping out and hacking them all to bits....... the Biests are right up your alley. 

Monster Classes

While Biests can make their whole domain into monsters, Biests in the 2nd Age get a series of Classes that are dedicated to Monsters. These monsters will take on the tanks of humanoids, rip apart the masses of soldiers before them. 

The Weapons of the Biests

While Biests can specialize in natural weaponry, they also have a their over version of modern firearms, machine guns and cannons. Melee Weapons are also a specialty with greater access to customization than ever before to do additional damage to kill your opponents face to face. 

The Biest playtesters are among the most rowdy of the bunch and I think that has to do with their overly aggressive playstyle (both the Biest Domain and the Players).